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Afghan National Army 6-3-201 Infantry Kandak, Pushtaysark (Red Hill)

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) built an ANA military kandak in Pushtaysark, Parwan Province, Afghanistan, that houses approximately 800 personnel.

Preliminary project work included design, site survey, master planning, unexploded ordnance (UXO) demining, and grading.

Ti designed and built: a headquarters building, an administration building with admin training rooms, barracks, dining facility (DFAC), latrine building, laundry, two classroom buildings, fuel storage and vehicle refuel point, ammunition supply point, and security features (primary and secondary entry control points, guard shacks, gate house, guard towers, and perimeter protection wall). In addition, Ti designed and constructed a soccer field and volleyball court.

Ti designed and built a potable water distribution system, and a sanitary sewer system—including a packaged wastewater treatment system. Ti also designed and built the electrical generation and distribution system, and tied the system to the existing power grid. Ti also designed and constructed the roads, walkways, patio, parking, and motor pool for the complex
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