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News Releases


Technologists, Inc.’s news releases report the company’s latest awards, activities, initiatives, and business lines.


Farewell Friends in Kabul, and Welcome to the U.S.!

Kabul, Afghanistan, December 6, 2016

CEO of Technologists, Inc. Delivers Presentation in Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan, November 2016


Technologists, Inc. to Build Administrative Building in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., September 30, 2016


Kunduz-Khulm Highway Video Report
Arlington, Va., September 9, 2016
Resurrecting the Afghanistan Economy: the Case for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)

Arlington, Va., January 13, 2016


Technologists, Inc. to Build Women’s Dormitory at American University of Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., September 24, 2015


Technologists, Inc. Appoints Tümay Evcimen Director of Business Development and Operations Coordinator, Africa and Eurasia

Arlington, Va., June 24, 2015


Technologists, Inc. Appoints Ronald Gross Deputy General Counsel

Arlington, Va., March 24, 2015

Saving Afghanistan: 20 Transformational Initiatives to Create One Million Jobs

Arlington, Va., March 3, 2015


The State of the Construction Industry in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va  December 22, 2014


Technologists, Inc. Celebrates Fifteen Years of Building Strong Foundations

Arlington, Va., December 4, 2014


Technologists, Inc. Awarded Two New Contracts from USAID and KfW

Arlington, Va., July 12, 2013


Technologists, Inc. Holds Open House at Production and Manufacturing Unit (PMU)

Arlington, Va., November 8, 2012


Beyond Good Intentions in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., August 17, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Completes 50th Project in Afghanistan: Afghan National Army’s National Maintenance Facility

Arlington, Va., July 31, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Completes Two District Headquarters Complexes for Afghan National Police

Arlington, Va., July 25, 2012


A Closer Look at the Afghan “Brain Drain”

Arlington, Va., July 19, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Cuts Ribbon on Afghan National Army Infantry Kandak in Mazar-i-Sharif (Camp Shaheen) in Balkh Province

Arlington, Va., June 26, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Turns over Final Building at ANP National Training Center, Afghanistan's Largest Security Infrastructure Project

Arlington, Va., May 22, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Cuts Ribbon on Afghan National Police Border Police Zone Command in Gardez

Arlington, Va., May 15, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Founder Praises U.S.–Afghan Strategic Partnership Agreement

Arlington, Va., May 8, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Begins Direct Sales of Construction Materials and Manufactured Products in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., April 3, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Wins Subcontractor Award Valued at $25 Million for USACE Project in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., March 14, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Launches New Subsidiary Ti–Saudi Arabia

Arlington, Va., February 28, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Cuts Ribbon on Afghan MOI Technical Center Warehouse

Arlington, Va., February 17, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Begins Construction of International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development

Arlington, Va., February 8, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Wins Two New USACE Awards in Afghanistan Totaling $27.5 Million

Arlington, Va., January 30, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Hosts First Anniversary Meeting of SAWEC

Arlington, Va., January 26, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Awarded $17.6 Million Contract for Rehabilitation of Kunduz–Khulm National Highway in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., January 9, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Awarded $30.6 Million Contract to Construct Afghan Ministry of Interior Headquarters in Kabul

Arlington, Va., January 3, 2012


Technologists, Inc. Awarded $5.4 Million Contract to Construct Wastewater Treatment Plant in Afghanistan

Arlington, Va., December 29, 2011

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