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Ti Services


Ti has more than 22 years of experience providing logistics and life support, production and manufacturing, security and risk management, financial management, professional training, and capacity building.


Ti provides a full range of engineering, construction, and management services. We work closely with clients from concept and design to installation and commissioning.

Ti’s Architecture and Engineering (A&E) Services division has more than two decades of experience delivering award-winning design-build and site-adapt construction projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), USAID, and other customers.

Since 2004 Ti has developed a portfolio of more than 80 projects (completed or underway) for USACE, USAID, German Development Bank (KfW), and private-sector clients.

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) provides Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services through our Construction division. Ti’s O&M services include routine, preventive, and corrective maintenance of facility systems and equipment.

Our Logistics division works closely with our Procurement and Security divisions to select the safest and most economically efficient transit routes for all types of goods.

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) recently expanded its international development portfolio by launching projects that improve governance, promote economic growth, and increase human capacity.


Ti staff experts draw on decades of experience in program management, corporate and project-based financial accounting and control systems, taxation, and legal issues.

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