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Afghan National Army Kandahar Garrison Security Upgrades

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) provided planning, engineering, and logistics/procurement of all required labor and materials to complete security upgrades for the Afghan National Army (ANA) Kandahar Garrison.

Prior to construction, Ti completed a site survey to determine the location of all work, and the quantity of materials and labor needed.

Ti established a security perimeter by building north flank right-of-way, a chain-linked fence topped with barbed wire, a triple-strand concertina wire fence, a radial access road, entry control point (ECP), and a back gate upgrade. In addition, Ti installed light trees along the perimeter and secondary security lights at the ECP, back gate, guard house, and main building—and powered them with six 100 kw diesel generators. The ECP and back gate were reinforced with guard shacks, fighting positions, drop bars, pullover lanes, and J-barriers.

Inside the perimeter, Ti installed five guard towers, and two guardhouses and personnel inspection stations. Ti also constructed a quick reaction force building with all amenities and utilities.

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