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Afghan National Army Logistics and Acquisition Command Headquarters Renovation, Phase II

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) renovated the Afghan National Army Logistics and Acquisition Command Headquarters Compound (ANA LAC), an Afghan National Army base with office space for approximately 1,200 administrative personnel and housing for roughly 450 permanent resident personnel.

The project included design-renovation-build of 15 buildings. Ti incorporated new structures into the existing campus layout during normal operations. Ti built flexible spaces to address fluid functional requirements. Key work included preparing the site master plan, repair, renovation and upgrade of existing offices and warehouses, complete design and construction of kitchen, dining facilities, showers, latrines, barracks, and a guard tower.

Ti designed and installed a new power generation plant and electric distribution system and designed and installed a complete potable water supply and distribution system and sewer system. Ti upgraded the military parking areas and constructed 1.6 km of paved roads and 1 km of aggregate roads. Ti renovated and improved the perimeter wall security in accordance with the anti-terrorist/force protection measures.

In addition, Ti designed and constructed a new communications building, and installed increasing security measures such as extending existing fencing, secure entry control points (ECP), and new stone walls.

In addition to the contract’s defined scope of work, Ti performed pro-bono work to completely refurbish a mosque on the compound, which had fallen into disrepair during a generation of conflict.

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