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Well Water/Elevated-Tank Water Supply System


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and constructed site improvements and facilities for the Afghan National Police border police battalion headquarters in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, a facility that accommodates approximately 150 police officers and other staff.


Prior to construction, Ti performed a geotechnical investigation, leach-field testing, water-well capacity testing, and a topographic survey of the site.

Ti built an administration building with communications and arms rooms, barracks, logistics building, dining facility with outdoor wood stoves, toilet, ablution, shower and laundry buildings, vehicle maintenance facility, POL building, warehouse, and vehicle refuel point.


Ti developed all on-site utilities and infrastructure. The water-distribution system used well water that was chlorinated and pumped to elevated storage tanks. The sanitary-sever system employed a septic tank and leach field. Ti secured the site with masonry and stone perimeter walls, guard towers, and primary and secondary entry-control points.

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