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Ministry of Interior Utility Rehabilitation


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and rehabilitated the entire electrical distribution system for the Afghan National Police Ministry of Interior compound in Kabul, Afghanistan. Ti designed and built a transformer building with 2X2500 KVA transformers, plus a generator building with 2X1250 KVA generators providing backup power, switchgears, and fuel storage.

Ti also designed and built interior electrical systems for numerous structures at the compound, including buildings used for headquarters, logistics, finance, dining, identification processing, education, and an auditorium; installed new electrical panel boards and feeder cables; and provided an exterior underground electrical distribution system, subdistribution panel boards, and power connections. The entire compound was designed and built in conformity with the Unified Facilities Criteria, U.S. national electrical codes, and other technical requirements defined by the client. Ti was awarded 11 certificates of appreciation for its successful completion of this project.

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