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Afghan National Police Uniformed Police District Headquarters, Gozargai Noor

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and built a one-story Uniformed Police District Headquarters, located in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan.

Prior to construction, Ti removed all unexploded ordnance (UXO) from the site, demolished existing structures and disposed of debris, and graded the site to assure adequate drainage. Then Ti conducted a topographic survey of the site, including a series of well tests.

Ti built a multipurpose police security facility for 60 police. The facility included a dining facility (DFAC), berthing areas, offices/conference areas, an armory, and jail cells. Ti also built force protection measures, such as perimeter walls, entry control point (ECP), gates, vehicle barriers, guard shacks, and guard towers. Ti installed an electrical system (including on-site power plant), plumbing/sewage system (consisting of a gravity sewer pipe network and building service connections), and water system (including an enclosed well, elevated water storage tanks, and an underground pipe distribution system). Ti also designed and constructed the entire road and parking network for the headquarters. Ti paved the compound with asphalt; the remainder of the site was paved with aggregate, including parking and storage areas.

At project closeout, Ti provided a 12-month supply of parts for operation and maintenance (O&M). Ti also provided O&M manuals in Dari, Pashto, and English.

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