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Afghanistan Stability in Key Areas (SIKA) – East

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) served as a subcontractor to AECOM on the Stability in Key Areas (SIKA) program in the key Eastern region in Afghanistan.

Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the SIKA program seeks to promote stabilization by assisting district-level officials to improve government functioning. It is expected that by linking improved basic services to the actions of legitimate authorities, affected populations will be less influenced by illegitimate forces working to undermine Afghanistan’s ongoing democratic development.

Ti’s role in SIKA is to target interventions intended to focus on labor-intensive projects or productive infrastructure:

  • Ti identifies and hires all approved Afghan-national staff

  • Ti conducts all planning and research in support of district-level programming

  • Ti manages all infrastructure activities

  • Ti ensures that staff works corroboratively across all aspects of the project

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