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Stability in Key Areas

(SIKA) – East


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) partnered with other firms to support the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Stability in Key Areas program in the SIKA-East region of Afghanistan. The SIKA-East team helped local authorities improve the delivery of basic services and strengthened the capacity of provincial and district officials to respond to citizen needs. The program includes training, consultations, technical advisory services, and infrastructure development.

As part of the SIKA-East team Ti completed more than 800 small infrastructure projects, including hundreds of kerezes (or irrigation canals) and retaining walls to protect agricultural fields from flash flooding. Ti also built more than 140 athletic fields at boys and girls schools to support the government’s Physical Education, Leadership, and Youth Development Initiative (PLAY!). This program trains young leaders to participate in decision making by advocating for their priorities with government officials, generating community support, and raising funds to construct local amenities like these sports facilities.

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