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Groundwater Well System at Army Medical Storage Facility


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and built a 3,000 square meter medical storage facility for the Afghan National Army near Kabul International Airport. The facility included multiple buildings, infrastructure, and roads.


Ti prepared the site for construction by demolishing old structures, removing trash, scrap metal, and unexploded ordnance, and grubbing and grading the site. Ti also installed a vehicle gate and security fence, including a stone perimeter wall with concertina wire, to match a nearby Logistics and Acquisition Command facility.

Ti personnel also designed and built a water and sewer system, which including drilling and equipping groundwater wells.


Ti was responsible for all design, construction management, and quality control activities. We built an administrative office, barracks, staff lounge, clinical equipment testing laboratory, optical fabrication laboratory, three hazardous material storage areas, an oxygen storage facility, male and female showers, pharmaceutical vault, shipping and receiving offices, general use warehouse space, loading and off-loading cargo bays, roads and parking areas, concrete curbing and walks, and two guard towers. Other infrastructure designed and installed by Ti included an on-site power generation and transmission system connected to the external power grid, sewer system, and fire suppression system.

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