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Elevated Tank System at Border Police Zone Command


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) provided the management, design, material, labor, and equipment to construct facilities to support the Afghan National Police Border Police at Kwaja Jeer in Herat Province, Afghanistan.

Prior to construction, Ti performed a geotechnical investigation, leach-field testing, water-well capacity testing, and a topographic survey of the site. Testing revealed that water was scare in the area. Ti drilled two 200-meter deep test wells that failed to reach water before finding a reliable water source at 60 meters on the third attempt.

The water-distribution system featured a 2,700 liter elevated tank and 1,700 meters of polyethylene pipe that connected all eight buildings at the facility to main water supply. Water was disinfected by a chlorinator in the well dosing pump. Ti also built and installed a sanitary sewer system (with septic tank and leach field), site electrical distribution system (with secure generator fuel storage), trash collection point, and aggregate walkways.

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