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Logistics Depot at

Kabul Airport


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and built a new Class II, IV, and VII logistics depot for the Afghan National Army at Kabul International Airport. Construction of the new logistics depot followed Ti's successful renovation and rehabilitation of two headquarters buildings at the same site.


The project required the demolition of six existing warehouses and extensive site improvements before survey and design work could proceed.

Ti designed and built one 12,200 square-meter warehouse and another 5,600 square-meter warehouse and provided both buildings with electrical power, water-distribution, and wastewater-collection systems. The facility also included a wastewater treatment plant.


Ti completed the facility with a large concrete helipad, access roads, passenger loading zone, and concrete flat work throughout the project for site circulation and access. Ti work crews overcame space limitations and employed parallel or simultaneous construction techniques to maintain an accelerated construction schedule throughout the project.

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