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Containerized Wastewater Treatment Plant


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and built a containerized wastewater treatment plant for the Afghan National Army at Maymaneh in Faryab Province. The project included the design and construction of numerous buildings, parking, utilities, and other infrastructure for a resident staff of more than 400.

Ti constructed a gravity sewer collection system and connected it to the sewage treatment and effluent disposal system. Ti’s geotechnical testing determined that slow soil percolation rates made conventional absorption-type systems inappropriate for this location. Instead, the Ti system used a containerized system treatment plant with a sewage lift station, laboratory building, and four sludge drying beds.


The treatment package consists of a sewage shredder, by-pass bar screen, equalization tank, aeration chamber, air diffusers, a clarifier/sludge-settling chamber, scum recirculation system, sludge-holding chamber, and chlorination zone with a treatment capacity of 76,000 per day.

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