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Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and built Afghanistan’s Counter-Narcotics Judicial Center, a crucial facility in the country’s fight against illicit drug trafficking and the violence and corruption that typically accompany the illegal drug trade. The Center, located near Kabul International Airport, was designated a high-priority effort and required that Ti’s crews to work on an accelerated schedule to complete construction as quickly as possible.


Ti managed multiple subcontractors and employees while designing and constructing this modern facility. During periods of peak construction, as many as 400 tradesmen and laborers deployed to the site daily.


In addition to site preparation, Ti designed and built all civil structures, including the main court building, an administrative center, and a secure detention facility. Ti also provided on-site paved roads, access roads, entry-control points, paved parking areas, interior carpeting for the courtrooms and judge’s chambers, and decorative landscaping.

Counter-Narcotics Judicial Center

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