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In 2019 Technologists, Inc. (Ti) celebrated its 20th anniversary. When I founded Ti in October 1999, our vision was to develop innovative software that would marry the old world with the new world of cyberspace/digital. Late in 2001, however, the geopolitics of the world was altered historically. My colleagues and I recognized and responded to new opportunities to move overseas and to adopt dramatic changes in our vision and goals.


In the process, Ti abandoned its original vision in favor of design and construction of infrastructure and nation building. In 2004 we were awarded our first contract from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to design and construct infrastructure for three industrial parks in Afghanistan. This opportunity was first of the many challenges we would face where we had to learn quickly about every aspect of project development, construction, and contracting with the various government and donor agencies – not to mention working in a

war-torn country.


When I reflect on the past two decades of Ti’s existence, what comes to mind are those projects where we played a significant role not only for

our clients but for the Afghan people themselves. Over these many years, we have successfully completed more projects (large and small) than any other company operating in Afghanistan. And not only did we complete our projects in a challenging environment but we also promoted the professional growth of the many fine people who were employed by Ti during the past 20 years. Ti’s achievements would have been impossible without this group of incredible people, and I am proud of every single one of them. You – the people of Ti yesterday and today – are continually writing the Ti story. I wish all of you much success wherever you may be.


As to our clients, I am appreciative and honored by your trust and the belief that you placed in our ability to help you accomplish your goals and objectives. Furthermore, I would like to thank you for challenging us to continue to improve as a company to meet your exacting



Finally, I am confident that bigger and better days are ahead of us. Ti’s future is bright as we look forward to the next two decades.


Sayed “Aziz” Azimi

Founder and CEO

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