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Kabul to Bagram Road


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and constructed approximately 32 kilometers of the main road between Kabul and Bagram in the Kabul province of Afghanistan.


Ti developed innovative methods to allow construction to continue during winter months, enabling the company to deliver the completed project ahead of schedule.


Ti designed the road with a 10 meter-wide asphalt surface capable of supporting a minimum 12,000 kilogram vehicle per single axle. Ti’s proprietary asphalt formula was significantly thicker than the existing road built 34 years previously. Overall, Ti supplied 49,500 cubic meters of asphalt for this project.

Ti surveyed approximately 5 kilometers of the existing road to ensure uniform width in the design. We then removed sections of the roadbed and replaced them with 475,000 cubic meters of clean compact aggregate substrate. Ti also built 85 bridges and culverts, and installed STRAFLIN debris barriers in areas of high erosion.


The completed road has improved employment opportunities for local workers, reduced travel time for commercial and private vehicles, and linked communities along its route.

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