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Kunduz-Khulm National Highway

Ti completed Phase 2 of the Kunduz-Khulm National Highway, a vital transportation link in northern Afghanistan, in spring 2017.

Ti had previously built the first 31 km of roadway in Phase 1. With the completion of the additional 27 km in Phase 2, Ti has now built 58 km of what will eventually be a 112 km long modern highway between the cities of Kunduz and Khulm.

Ti completed this project for the Afghan Ministry of Public Works, which will operate and maintain the road. Funding was provided by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development through KfW, the German Development Bank.

Ti is currently constructing an additional 10 km of the Kunduz-Khulm National Highway under Phase 2/3a of this project.

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