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Kunduz–Khulm National Highway


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) completed Phase I and is currently completing Phase 2 of the construction and renovation of the Kunduz-Khulm National Highway.


Phase 1, valued at $17.6 million, extends almost 31 kilometers from the city of Khulm toward Kunduz.


Prior to construction, Ti performed site surveying, geotechnical investigations, and materials testing. Ti also created drainage, road and bridge, and structural designs, and cleared the roadway of unexploded ordnance (UXO).

Along with the roadbed, Ti constructed 19 bridges and culverts, plus storm drainage along the entire route.


Following Ti’s successful completion of Phase 1, the company was awarded an additional $20.9 million contract to complete Phase 2. The new construction will add an additional 27 kilometers to this vitally important regional transportation link.


The new highway replaces an inferior and partly unpaved road that was difficult to drive, especially in winter. It has dramatically improved safety and eliminated wasteful detours for commercial trucking and private vehicles alike.


Both projects were funded by a grant from KfW (the German Development Bank) to the Afghanistan Ministry of Public Works as part of a broader effort to improve economic infrastructure in northern Afghanistan.

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