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Urban Police Patrol Facilities


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and constructed a new campus for the Afghan National Civil Order Police urban units in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Prior to construction, Ti performed a geotechnical investigation, leach-field testing, water-well capacity testing, and a topographic survey of the site. We prepared site paving, grading, utility and drainage plans; removed unexploded ordnance; and demolished and removed all existing structures.


Ti built an administration building with communications and arms rooms, barracks, logistics building, dining facility with outdoor wood stoves, toilets, shower and laundry buildings, training facility, and a vehicle refueling point.

Ti developed all on-site utilities and infrastructure. These included an access road, water system (with chlorination, ground well water source, pumps, and water storage tanks), sanitary sewer system (with septic tank and leach field), site electrical distribution system (with secure generator fuel storage), trash collection point, aggregate landscaping, and concrete walkways. Force protection measures included masonry and stone perimeter walls, guard towers, and entry-control points.

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