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Police Patrol Unit Campus


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) performed the site-adapt design and construction of new campus for the Afghan National Civil Order Police patrol and urban units in Nangarhar province, Afghanistan.


Preliminary work included design, site survey, master planning, unexploded ordnance removal, and site grading. Ti then designed and built an administration building with communications and arms rooms, a barracks, logistics building, dining facility, toilet, shower building, laundry, training facility, fuel storage and vehicle refueling point, and an ammunition supply point.


Ti also built entry-control points, guard shacks, a gate house, guard towers, and a perimeter protection wall.

Ti designed and installed a water-distribution system that pumped well water to a chlorination unit and storage tanks; an electrical distribution system tied to the existing power grid (plus a 750 kw generator), a stormwater drainage system, and a septic tank with leach field. Ti also designed and constructed an athletic training field and an aggregate road system for the entire campus.

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