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Package Wastewater System


Ti completed the site-adaptation, site and infrastructure design, and construction of a new campus for the Afghan National Army (ANA) infantry kandak at Pushtaysark. This key facility, located in Parwan Province, is an ANA military post that houses approximately 800 personnel.


Ti installed a pre-sized, pre-engineered containerized wastewater treatment plant using industry-recognized standards for hydraulic, organic, and solid loading. This type of system can be assembled easily in the field by connecting prefabricated modular assemblies.

Ti installed a gravity sewer system to collect wastewater from multiple sources and convey it to a lift station. The lift station, constructed at a lower elevation within the network, pumps sewage up to the treatment package, a container that uses the extended aeration activated sludge process to treat the water. The system can treat approximately 150,000 liters per day of raw domestic sewage having an organic strength of 59.22 kg BOD5 per day.

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