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Pol-e-Charkhi Detention Center


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) rehabilitated Cell Block 4 of the Pol-e-Charki Detention Facility located near Kabul, Afghanistan. The modernized and rehabilitated facility now meets all applicable United Nations standards for detention centers and gives Afghanistan a secure location in which to house detainees awaiting trials and other judicial proceedings.


Prior to construction, Ti cleared the site of debris and removed unexploded ordnance, completed a master plan, and graded the site for drainage.


Ti improved site security by repairing the existing perimeter stone walls and constructing new ones. Ti then built two new secure entrances with guard stations, booths, and towers, and installed chain link fencing topped with concertina wire throughout the site.

The renovation of Cell Block 4 required completely replacing the roof; repairing all interior and exterior walls, windows, and doors; leveling concrete floors; modifying cell doors; and providing new finishes. Ti also constructed a new maintenance office, administration/headquarters building, visitor center, and laundry facility. Ti completed the project by installing a communication and video-surveillance system, water-distribution system (including well house), power-distribution system (including generators and fuel storage), sewage-treatment system (including wastewater treatment facility), and asphalt roads and parking.

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