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Pneumatic Tank Water-Supply System


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) performed the site-adapt, design, and construction of a new battalion headquarters for the Afghan National Civil Order Police Patrol Unit and Urban Units at Adraskan in Herat Province, Afghanistan.


Preliminary project work included design, site survey, master planning, unexploded ordnance removal, and grading. Ti designed and built numerous structures, including communications and arms rooms, barracks, logistics building, dining facility, shower building, laundry, training facility, fuel storage and vehicle refuel point, plus guard shacks, a gate house, guard towers, and a perimeter protection wall).

The area surrounding this facility had no accessible water. Ti negotiated with a local landowner to obtain water rights from his farm, then installed 5 kilometers of pipes to deliver potable water to a water distribution-system featuring two large (10,000 gallon) pneumatic tanks.

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