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Technologists, Inc. Awarded $17.6 Million Contract for Rehabilitation of Kunduz–Khulm National Highway in Afghanistan


January 9, 2012

Arlington, Va.


Technologists, Inc. (Ti), an international engineering, construction, and management company that works primarily in challenging and remote environments, has been awarded a nearly $17.6 million contract by the Ministry of Public Works of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to rehabilitate and improve the Kunduz–Khulm National Highway in Afghanistan. The project is funded by a grant from the German Development Bank (KfW Entwicklungsbank).


In a late December ceremony with German government and local Afghan municipal leaders, Ti was granted "Notice to Proceed" and given permission to initiate construction. The project’s contract establishes a 21-month schedule for completion but Ti anticipates finishing in a little more than half that time. In fact, despite the winter weather, Ti has already begun mobilization to the site, establishment of a local quarry operation, and the initiation of the survey, design, and recruitment efforts.


The highway extends almost 28 kilometers from the city of Khulm toward Kunduz. The existing road is unpaved and in difficult terrain, rendered even more so in winter months. Local leaders have already indicated their support and excitement for the new highway project, pledging help with security, access to raw materials, and the mobilization of local laborers to help with various construction tasks.


“We are grateful for the Ministry’s confidence in our ability to meet the challenges of road construction in Afghanistan,” said Sayed Aziz Azimi, president and CEO of Ti. Ti’s previous road construction experience includes the South of Jalalabad Road and Jalalabad to Shali Kot Road, as well as the Kabul to Bagram Southern Half Road, projects that included paving, bridge and culvert construction, and the design and installation of anti-erosion measures.


Since entering Afghanistan in 2004 Ti has completed more than 50 projects for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other clients, ranging from single buildings and roads to complex facilities with multiple buildings plus all associated infrastructure. The company has an additional 11 USACE projects underway, including Phase 2 of the Afghan National Police National Training Center in Wardak Province.


With more than 1,000 employees—the vast majority of them Afghan professionals—Ti is Afghanistan’s largest engineering services company, dedicated to both the building of projects and the sustained growth of its engineering and construction community.

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