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Technologists, Inc. Wins Subcontractor Award Valued at $25 Million for USACE Project in Afghanistan


March 14, 2012

Arlington, Va.


Technologists, Inc. (Ti), an international engineering, construction, and management consulting company that works primarily in challenging and remote environments, has won a subcontract valued at $25 million for construction and other professional services for a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project in Afghanistan.


Ti will serve as a subcontractor to ECC of Burlingame, California, a global construction, design-build, and science and engineering firm, in the construction of a new garrison facility for the Afghan National Army.


Ti will serve as designer of record, and will complete geotechnical and topographic surveys and prepare the master plan. Ti will also build the facility’s electrical power distribution system, roads, a bridge, water distribution system, wastewater treatment plant, and other utilities, and will provide site security for the duration of the project.


“We are extremely proud to be supporting ECC, one of the leading companies in our industry, on this important project for the Army Corps,” said Thomas H. Magness, Ti’s chief operating officer.


Since entering Afghanistan in 2004 Ti has completed more than 50 projects for USACE, ranging from single buildings and roads to complex facilities with multiple buildings plus all associated infrastructure—water and wastewater systems, heating, electrical power generation and distribution, communications and Internet systems, trash collection, roads and parking areas, and interior and perimeter security systems.


Ti has an additional 15 projects valued at $257.5 million underway in Afghanistan for the USACE and other clients.


With more than 1,000 employees—the vast majority of them Afghan professionals—Ti is Afghanistan’s largest engineering services company, dedicated to both the building of projects and the sustained growth of its engineering and construction community.

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