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Technologists, Inc. Completes Two District Headquarters Complexes for Afghan National Police


July 25, 2012

Arlington, Va.


Technologists, Inc. (Ti), an international engineering and management consulting company that works primarily in challenging and remote environments, has completed two district headquarters complexes for the Afghan National Police Uniformed Police. Ti delivered the completed facilities to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in mid-July 2012.


The police headquarters were built in Hazrate Sultan in Samangan Province and in Char Bulkh in Balkh Province, both in northern Afghanistan. Ti designed and built multiple buildings at each facility, including the main headquarters buildings, administration buildings, dining facilities, barracks, and training classrooms. Ti also provided roads, parking areas, entry-control points, security towers, and perimeter walls, and installed potable water, stormwater, and electrical power systems.


“The Afghan Uniformed Police have the lead role in civil law enforcement in Afghanistan, and Ti is proud to support their critical work by building these secure and modern headquarters facilities,” said Thomas H. Magness, chief operating officer of Ti. “As Ti closes in on completing its first 50 projects in Afghanistan, I am pleased to note that 20 percent of our projects to date have been built for the Afghan National Police.”


In the past two months Ti has completed six projects valued at more than $150 million. “Our ability to deliver so many quality projects in such a short time is a testament to the hard work of Ti employees and reflects their commitment to the NATO and USACE missions in Afghanistan,” Mr. Magness added.


Since entering Afghanistan in 2004 Ti has built roads, bridges, army bases, police stations, border crossings, and government administrative complexes in 16 provinces all across the country. Ti currently has 14 projects valued at $182 million underway in Afghanistan for USACE and other clients. With more than 800 employees—the vast majority of them Afghan professionals—Ti is Afghanistan’s largest engineering services company, dedicated to both the building of projects and the sustained growth of its engineering and construction community.

Ti designed and built district police headquarters for the Afghan National Police Uniformed Police in Hazrate Sultan in Samangan Province (above) and in Char Bulkh in Balkh Province (below).

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