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Qalaa House Entry Control Points and Security Upgrades

Technologists, Inc. (Ti) designed and constructed force protection entry control point (ECP) upgrades at Qalaa House in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Ti constructed reinforced concrete blast walls around vehicle search areas at three ECPs. These walls consisted of pre-cast Alaska Barriers, with sandbags along the outside of the base, and security lighting throughout. Ti constructed surface-mounted hydraulic wedge barriers at each ECP, and relocated an existing rolling passive arm barrier to the outside of the Loma Linda gate. Ti removed existing steel gates and then installed new blast resistant, heavy steel rolling gates and blast resistant steel personnel gates at the inside entrances.

In addition, Ti constructed a guard tower to oversee the main gate, and built a new building to serve as a guardhouse storage and search facility. This new construction also required electrical hookups and asphalt paving.

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