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Security and Risk Management


For more than a decade Technologists, Inc. (Ti) has demonstrated its ability to work safely and securely in remote and hazardous locations. In Afghanistan Ti developed long-term trusted relationships with the Afghan Ministry of Interior (MOI) and the Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF). Our experience allows us to design flexible security services for each project based on local conditions and community needs. We carefully screen and train all security personnel and comply fully with all APFF rules and regulations.


Ti's proven integrated security-management approach is based on three core principles. Ground Truthing refers to the practice of seeking inputs from local citizens, elders, and vendors in assessing the security situation on the ground. Government Liasons refers to Ti's regular briefings with the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police, and International Security Assistance Forces. Project Specific Physical Security Measures refers to mobile security procedures that are adjusted to address the specific implementation conditions of any given project.


Ti's security and risk-management services give our clients and partners a competitive advantage by allowing them to mobilize faster, be more efficient, and reduce costs without sacrificing safety, security, and the ability to respond.

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