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Afghan-Tajik Border Crossing


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) completed the construction of buildings and infrastructure for the border crossing and customs police facilities at Sher Khan Bandar, Afghanistan, and Nizhny Pyandzh, Tajikistan. The facility is part of a broader initiative that includes a new bridge linking Afghanistan and Tajikistan to spur economic growth on both sides of the border.


Completion of this project required Ti to recruit and mobilize separate work crews and managerial teams in Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and to comply with each country’s relevant laws and regulations.

After clearing the site of unexploded ordnance, Ti conducted a geotechnical survey and mapped both project sites. Based on the survey data, Ti designed a site-grading plan that minimized drainage structures in a cost-effective manner, and installed gravity sewage systems with septic tanks and leach fields.


Ti performed water-quality testing to determine the best location for new wells, then built permanent well houses, pumps, water distribution mains, and disinfection systems in each facility. On the Afghan side Ti also designed all features of the border crossing facility, including its security fencing, roadways and traffic control, and utility connections.


Construction on both the Afghan and Tajik sides consisted of a large customs terminal, dining facility, barracks, Border Police satellite office, welcome center, inspection hall (featuring RapiScan GaRDS™ and Eagle Gantry inspection systems), pedestrian customs facility, and public restrooms.


Ti constructed force-protection measures, such as kiosks, canopies, lift gates, concrete barriers, fencing, and guard towers, and installed more than 8 kilometers of chain link fencing around both facilities. Ti also built paved tunnels between the two nations, inbound-, outbound-, rejection, and cueing lanes, parking lots, and internal roadways.

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