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Shorandam Industrial Park


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) built the Shorandam Industrial Park, located 10 kilometers east of Kandahar. The park encompasses 15 hectares in an area that will allow major growth and expansion in the future. The park is professionally managed and offers investors clear land titles, perimeter security and entry-control points, secure parking, electrical power, clean water, and wastewater removal.

Kandahar province in southeastern Afghanistan is a major producer of pomegranates, apples, grapes, and other fruit products, as well as cotton. The region is famous for the quality of its handicrafts, including embroidered hats, shirts, and scarves. Businesses located within the park produce plastics, table salt, raisins, ice cream, shoes, cotton, automobile parts, and other consumer products.


The Shorandam Industrial Park has attracted almost $18 million in investments and has created more than 5,000 direct and indirect jobs.

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