The Ti Method


A Proven Ability to Work in Challenging Environments


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) has a record of excellence working in challenging and remote environments.

The Ti Method incorporates lessons learned in Afghanistan that can be applied in many settings worldwide:

  • Recruit, employ, and retain the world's best engineers, designers, architects, and managers

  • Match expatriates with talented host-country professionals in ongoing mentoring partnerships

  • Deploy self-sufficient work teams supplied with the latest tools, technology, and training

  • Build relationships in local labor markets to guarantee access to skilled and unskilled labor

  • Use state-of-the-art techniques and industry best practices that raise the bar qualitatively for local construction practices


Ti project teams have dealt successfully with challenging environments in Afghanistan and Haiti, including:

  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Remote and dangerous locations

  • Poor or nonexistent local infrastructure

  • Distance from suppliers and vendors


Ti managers consider all factors that might influence work schedules, including:

  • Local culture, religious customs, and holidays

  • Availability of skilled and unskilled labor

  • Security risks from theft, vandalism, and insurgent attacks