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The Ti Method


A Proven Ability to Work in Challenging Environments


Ti has an excellent record of meeting and exceeding our clients’ goals and objectives, especially in challenging and remote environments.


The Ti Method incorporates lessons learned through the many years that can be applied in a variety of settings worldwide:


  • Recruit, employ, and retain the world class engineers, designers, architects, and managers

  • In a strategic guidance

  • Deploy self-sufficient work teams supplied with the latest tools, technology, and training

  • Build relationships with local labor markets to guarantee access to skilled and unskilled labor

  • Use state-of-the-art techniques and industry best practices that raise the bar qualitatively for local construction practices

  • Manage contract administration, monitor, or perform field quality assessment to ensure that the outcome meets contract specifications and requirements.


Ti project teams have dealt successfully with challenging environments in Afghanistan and Haiti, including:


  • Extreme weather conditions

  • Remote and dangerous locations

  • Poor or nonexistent local infrastructure

  • Distance from suppliers and vendors


Ti managers consider all factors that might influence work schedules, including:


  • Local culture, religious customs, and holidays

  • Availability of skilled and unskilled labor

  • Security risks from theft, vandalism, and insurgent attacks

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