The Ti Story


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) was founded in the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1999 by Mr. Sayed Aziz Azimi, an engineer and entrepreneur with more than more than 25 years of U.S. federal contracting experience. In the early years of the company’s history Ti supported the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and other federal agencies in the environmental, energy, and information technology (IT) sectors.


Following the 2001 international intervention in Afghanistan, Ti joined with other major stakeholders to restore, develop, and modernize that country’s built environment and critical infrastructure. Beginning with land development and planning for a series of industrial parks, Ti has gone on to complete an extensive portfolio of projects for numerous clients, including roads, bridges, border crossings, training facilities, housing, administrative offices, academic buildings, and health clinics.


Throughout its history Ti has been a driver of development through company training and capacity-building programs that improve skills and expand opportunities, especially for women. Today, hundreds of Ti alumni work in the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors in such disciplines as design, engineering, construction, and management.


Ti today is well placed to help governments, private companies, and international donors succeed by providing services that improve lives, strengthen communities, and deliver exceptional value.