About Ti


Technologists, Inc. (Ti) is a leader in delivering integrated technical and management services primarily in challenging and remote environments.  We provide award-winning services in a broad range of professional disciplines, including architecture and engineering, construction and construction management, international development, logistics and life support, security and risk management, program and financial management, and production and manufacturing of construction materials—all with exceptional responsiveness to client needs.


Throughout its history Ti has been a driver of development through company training and capacity-building programs that improve skills and expand opportunities, especially for women. Today, hundreds of Ti alumni work in the public, private, and nongovernmental sectors in such disciplines as design, engineering, construction, and management.


Mission Statement


Core Beliefs. Wealth is created and is unlimited in size and scope. Given the means, all people can prosper beyond what they know today.


Purpose. To provide the means through knowledge transfer to one and all—people, institutions, and nations.


Modus Operandi. Legal, fair, and transparent.